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 Newtec Pistol  Club

2016 Newtec Pistol Club Board Members:


President: Trevor Webb

Vice President: 

Secretary: Peter Wrobel

Treasurer: Mark Rudge

Club Captain:

Vice Captain: Kevin Schip

Shooting Coordinators:

  • ISSF Specific Matches:

  • Centre Fire/Sport Pistol:

  • Service Pistol, WA 1500: Ray Hill

  • Buffalo Shoot: John Heazlett ( Big John)

  • Black Powder/Wild Bunch: Trevor Webb

  • Classic Service, International Rapid Fire: Lindsay Gosbee

  • Rifle Co-ordinator: John Donaldson

  • IPSC Co-ordinator: Peter Wrobel

  • SASA: Lester Welham

Member's Page Under construction: 

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Firearms ACT

Members and Vistors are REQUIRED to sign the Attendance Book on Entry.

Firearms ACT

Children UNDER the age of 12 are not permitted on Ranges .

Newtec Club Committee

Eye & Ear Protection MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES whilst engaging in shooting.